Everybody loves photos of gymnastics

It’s not hard to find photos of gymnasts – especially if they come from America

It’s not easy to find great photos of gymnasts like Cristina Bontas.

One of the things that is difficult for people who have gymnastics websites is finding good-quality photos of gymnasts who are from select countries, particularly Romania and Russia.  There are a fair number of photos out there from general photographers shot during competitions, but not many photos of the girls in their personal lives.

Many American gymnasts have websites and are able to hand-select the photos of gymnastics they wish to post.  These photos are often taken especially for the website, or they were taken by professional photographers at competitions such as the Olympics, World Championships and other gymnastics championships.

Few Romanian gymnasts and Russian gymnasts, on the other hand, have personal websites with plenty of their pictures on them.  And to make matters worse, there simply aren’t that many good fansites for these athletes, which are almost always a good source for photos of gymnasts.

One way to find photos of gymnastics

Finding photos of Zamo isn’t too difficult.

Start with a Google image search, which is a no-brainer.  Try typing in just the gymnast’s name and see what you come up with.  Normally this is the best way to search for photos of gymnasts, unless you’re looking for something specific.

For example if you type “Cristina Bontas” into the search box, you’ll get a better result than with just about any other search term you might add.  If you search for “Cristina Bontas World Gymnastics Championships,” you’ll still get some Cristina photos, but you’ll be bringing in a slew of others relating to “World Gymnastics Championships,” and for that part of your key phrase, Cristina is clearly ranked very low.

Let’s say you want to find photos of Olympic champion Gabby Douglas, but you only want pictures from the U.S. Nationals.  Here, you’ll run into the same problem, only in reverse: because Gabby is so overwhelmingly associated with the Olympics and her name is such a hot key word, you’re going to return a ton of photos of her at the Olympics.

Finding photos of Gabby Douglas is very easy.

If, however, you search for a gymnast with mid-level current popularity like Russian gymnast Elena Zamolodchikova, being specific will pay off better.  If you search for her at the WCs and then at the Olympics, you’ll get two very different returns.  Her name is a strong enough search term to keep ragingly popular current gymnasts from hijacking “world championships” and “Olympics,” but it it’s not so popular that the name itself overtakes additional words.

There are many other methods of finding photos of gymnastics.  Unfortunately when using Google image search for gymnasts whose popularity doesn’t rank high, usually you should just type the girl’s name in and hope for the best.

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